GFFO News from September, 2021

Dear movie and music fans, 

The GFFO had a great time presenting Sunrise and Superman this past concert Event! 
Because of you, it was a HUGE success! 


It's a labor of love! 

Each film takes months to prepare. Many movies have lost their original musical scores, so sometimes, complete reconstruction has to be done. This was the case of Sammy Timberg's genius music for the animated Superman series of the 1940s. At times, in silent films, entirely new scores must be composed to replace what may have been lost almost a century ago. 

After we prepare the scores, the GFFO must study and rehearse them for synchronization. The music must be performed with split-second accuracy by the orchestra to fit with the action on screen. For us, that's the best part -- bringing the music and the visuals together. 

We look forward to more exciting performances this season, including hilarious comedies, fascinating dramas, and huge surprises! We'll keep you up-to-date on our progress! 


We're a non-profit organization

Producing film concerts and score restoration can be costly. So what we're able to accomplish depends primarily on our financial resources. Your generous tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to further our commitment to film music. 

Visit this link to donate HERE.


Calling music students, voice acting, and sound effect engineering students 

Open enrolment for musicians wishing to join the GFFO and learn the art of film music across diverse musical and cinematic styles? 

We're accepting students of traditional and many non-traditional orchestral instruments. 
We even have thereminists, voice actors, and sound effects engineers. 

Visit this link to apply for orchestra membership HERE.


That's all for now. Of course, we'll continue to offer updates at various times, but we promise not to clutter up your inbox. The newsletter comes out once a month.