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A World Premiere on May 15: SUPERMAN/LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Movies with LIVE orchestra 

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Concert Program:
The Grand Feature Film Orchestra performing LIVE film scores with the movies

SUPERMAN: ARCTIC GIANTS (Animated Featurette) - musical score by Sammy Timberg (1942)
The GFFO is dedicated to studying, reconstructing, and performing historic cinematic music. Sometimes this includes The Fleischer brothers' classic Superman masterpieces that shaped the golden age of animation. Even Disney owes many of its techniques to the groundbreaking duo of Dave and Max Fleischer. The famous composer, Sammy Timberg, wrote the iconic score to these short Technicolor gems in 1942.

When a team of scientists uncovers a prehistoric dinosaur, they bring it to the united states to display at the Museum of Natural Science. Unfortunately, a malfunction in the refrigeration unit brings the arctic giant to life with devastating consequences. Can Superman save the day?


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (Original Comedy classic by Roger Corman)- musical score by Fred Katz (1960) 
Famously shot in just two days, this classic is a testament to Corman's ingenuity and effortless creativity! It also boasts the first significant role by the upcoming movie star, Jack Nicholson!

A hapless young flower shop employee stumbles upon an unusual and mysterious plant that promises to make him famous but at a high price.

The concert will feature the live performance of SUPERMAN: ARCTIC GIANT
Sunday, May 15, 4:00 pm at Journey Downtown Theater.

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OVERTURES by GFFO -- The adventure begins! 

Front entrance of Different Fur Studios -- San Francisco

There's tremendous excitement as the Grand Feature Film Orchestra (GFFO) members prepare for their first album,  OVERTURES. Studio sessions can be stressful because there's pressure to make things perfect. It's good that the orchestra is recording at a legendary studio! Different Fur Studios in San Francisco was founded in 1968 and has recorded legendary artists, such as Herbie Hancock, Con Funk Shun (Project Soul), Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Primus, Taj Mahal, and DEVO. Soon, The Grand Feature Film Orchestra will be part of that legendary list! :)

An orchestra needs to be well prepared technically and artistically to succeed in a studio. In many ways, it's more complicated than live performance. On stage, the members can interact with the audience and the moment. However, studio work has a different vibe, relying only on each other for artistic interpretation and precision. Several takes are recorded and then mixed for the final product. A single album track can take days to complete.

Creative teamwork is the key. The elder members mentor the younger artists as they negotiate through the twists and turns of some very complex sonic offerings.

Their first single from the album can be heard HERE

Happy National Film Score Day -- April 3rd, 2022 

A few of our favorite film score composers: 

John Williams -- iconic, almost Wagnerian connection between characters and music. Just pick a character and hum their theme! 

The Newman Family (Alfred, Randy, David, Maria, Thomas, Lionel, Joey, and Emil) -- the largest and most Oscar-winning family of composers. 

Hans Zimmer - an unnerving bridge between acoustic and electronic music (think The Dark Knight action scenes). 

Bernard Herrmann - His scores are amazingly tense and punctuated by edge-of-your-seat ostinati. Alfred Hitchcock owes much of his films' excitement to Herrmann!

Max Steiner - perhaps the father of modern film scores (think KING KONG) 

Carl Stalling - father of cartoon comedy music. The very pinnacle of "mousing" almost every movement to music. (Looney Tunes) 

Carl Davis - devotion to the restoration and scoring of silent films -- bringing them many of the scores they richly deserve. 

Danny Elfman - playful energy that can only come from a former punk rock star. (Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) 

Evan Losoya - fresh experimentation mixed with nostalgic respect for film music's rich history! (Think of his modern scores to Sunrise and Steamboat Bill Junior.)

Listen to Evan Losoya's orchestrations in the upcoming Little Shop of Horrors/Superman-Arctic Giant GFFP performance on May 15th at Journey Downtown Theater.

GFFO's new single release is coming soon 

The GFFO starts every concert with an overture. Then, we select our favorites in this series of projects and record them in a world-class recording studio for an album entitled "OVERTURES!"; the first is Don Ellis' BULGARIAN BULGE, to be released as a single in April, 2022

In every overture, the aim is to rev up the audience and prepare them for the presented features later on. BULGARIAN BULGE is a jazz work based on Bulgarian folk dance music known for complex driving rhythmic characteristics. At your first listen, you'll notice compelling energy in the music. This is accomplished by alternating 33/16 and 36/16 meters that move the work forward in an almost magical effect. Couple that with featured solos by various orchestra members, and you have a fitting start to an exciting album!


The story of the carnivorous terror in a flower pot has become both an icon and an inspiration for artists for over 60 years! 

THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, became a famous New York off-Broadway award-winning hit musical still playing today? the inspired stage play is based on the original movie with added musical numbers and a few story tweaks. 

Guess what? It was even made into a DC comic book back in 1987! We'll have a collector's copy on display at the concert and a special surprise is planned. Don't miss it!


You don't have to travel across the country to get your fix of vicious vegetation!

The original movie that started it all will be shown with a LIVE orchestra here in Vacaville! The Grand Feature Film Orchestra will perform Fred Katz's original score LIVE with the movie at The Journey Downtown Theater 308 Main Street -- Vacaville. CA.

Sunday, May 15th at 4:00 pm (LIVE in-person or LIVE streaming)!


The Grand Feature Film Orchestra is Hard at work preparing a live performance of Roger Corman’s LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS along with The Fleischer Brother’s SUPERMAN!  

After the successful performance of Harrold Lloyd's Safety Last, The Grand Feature Film Orchestra sets out for a world premiere to celebrate a Korman classic with a musical score by Fred Katz. This is a first in history!

The Grand Feature Film Orchestra will perform the original Fred Katz jazz score LIVE with the movie and SUPERMAN – ARCTIC GIANT orchestrated by Evan Losoya on May 15th at 3:00 pm at Journey Downtown Theater. 

Tickets (both in-person and live-streamed) are Available Now - Click Here

When you think of Little Shop of Horrors, you might be thinking of the highly successful Off-Broadway stage musical or the 1980s film adaptation starring Steve Martin, John Candy, and Bill Murray. But, did you know that it began long before that?

Little Shop of Horrors started as a sly low-budget film from 1960 that slowly crossed into legendary cult favorite territory. I doubt anyone would have guessed its future at the time. It was shot in just two days on sets borrowed from other productions. 16 mm black and white stock was the low-cost film of choice. And flat lighting made it possible to use multiple cameras to save money and get the production in the can before their 48 hours of the actors' paid time was up. 

Despite its low budget, it's a good movie, and its director is the reason. 

Director Roger Corman was the king of B movies. His reputation for filming everything quickly and on the cheap led to a prolific catalog of profitable midnight matinee films with names like ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES, THE WASP WOMEN, ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, and, of course, THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. So good was the film and concept that it sparked a successful Off-Broadway musical, a Saturday morning animated TV series, and a high-budget feature remake in 1986. 

Movie Plot
Seymour Krelborn, a bumbling employee at a flower shop on Los Angeles' Skid Row, attempts to cross a Venus flytrap with a butterwort. The result is a new type of unusual plant that becomes very popular, ensuring the success of their humble store. The only problem is that it has a unique carnivorous nature that leads to murderous results! 

THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960) is a surprisingly charming and inventive dark comedy that might have you thinking differently about your house plants. In addition, the film boasts its own big-name actor. It features an early film role for a young Jack Nicholson as the enthusiastic dental patient.

Join us as we bring THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in its original rarely seen widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio and SUPERMAN episode 4 - ARCTIC GIANT as the featurette performed with the original musical score by THE GRAND FEATURE FILM ORCHESTRA.  
Orchestrations by Evan Losoya
Sunday, May 15th at 4:00 pm at Journey Downtown Theater
308 Main Street, Vacaville

Tickets (both in-person and live-streamed) are Available Now - Click Here

Tickets available now -- Harold Lloyd's SAFTY LAST to be performed January 13th at Journey Downtown Theater! 


The Grand Feature Film Orchestra Presents
Harold Lloyd's SAFETY LAST
-- a film with live orchestra --
Thursday, January 13th at 7:00 pm
Journey Downtown Theater
308 Main Street - Vacaville, CA.
in-person or streaming-live
Tickets available HERE

You won't want to miss this concert! It's an action-comedy that can't be described. But, it has to be seen to be believed.

Before computer effects, movie actors had to perform their stunts for real -- right in front of the camera! Harold Lloyd's greatest accomplishment in feat's of hair-raising movie antics was his SAFETY LAST -- initially released in 1923. You'll find the action to be even more exciting than modern films when you realize that it was actually being done before your eyes. 

"Harold Lloyd manages to make the characters sympathetic enough to carry the audience's concern on his journey of crazy stunts and mishaps. One of the best of this era."
                                                            - Empire Magazine

"The other great silent comics defined their own worlds; Lloyd lives dangerously in ours."
                                                           - Chicago Reader

Engineering: Steam sound effects need a steam sound machine! 


GFFO members started with a simple concept --
a quick but brilliant idea doodled at an effects strategy meeting


Live steam effects in 1920s films such as train and alarm whistles require a special machine to give it that authentic experience. So, Kaden Connelley, Josh Feil, and Arwin Caruso set out to design a device that will eventually look as cool as it sounds. With the help of Arwin's grandfather, retired mechanical engineer Ken Blanchard, the new steam machine will be a new valuable asset to our growing original effects gadgetry. 

With experienced artisans, like Mr. Blanchard, learning is accomplished --
Design drawings for the steam effects machine.

Designing clever effects instruments is part of our engineering education program at GAC. Look for these exciting machines in action at our movie concerts! 

Message for New Year's Eve - Still time to help the arts in a very special way! 

The Grand feature film Orchestra is a community of experienced and aspiring artists dedicated to music and sound effects for films. This unique art goes back to the beginning of cinema when all sound was provided live to the audience as the movie played.  

The GFFO's time and commitment to film score/effects restoration, outreach in education, and presentation are expensive. However, the results are enriching to all who participate.  

Won't you help with a tax-deductible gift of any size? Your donation today will allow us to continue our work into 2022 and beyond. 

All donations are tax-deductible. 

Visit our online donation page HERE.

Give the gift of GFFO! 

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